Maps of the House of Shalott

Map Isle of Standauffish
This is where it all began. Our first map, created from the game Legend of the Red Dragon by Seth Able Robinson. This map ties together some of the elements from the game and the description of Shalott taken from Alfred Lord Tennyson's ballad "The Lady of Shalott"Click on map for full size image. 
This is a modern map that shows the location of various Castles in Wales. The castle of Shalott  has been  added to show where it was situated in our History. Click on the map for detail.
{Map Courtesy of Castles of Wales}
The War of the Roses and its outcome set the stage for the events from which we built the History of the Isle of Standauffish, and the roots of the House of Shalott. The estates of Shalott lie just outside the Lancastrian lands, in a still predominantly neutral area, yet close enough to have ties with the Tudors.

Maps of the Isle of Standauffish

Map Isle of Standauffish
This map was created from the physical setup we had at our first official function as the Isle of Standauffish at our local Las Vegas Ren Faire. The Areas were drawn as we were laid out at the fair, with additions as needed such as a rocky cove for the pirates, with a cave to hide treasure, a safe harbour for the Port of Shalott, fields and a cove for Mediteranneus, forests for the Clans, with a small Island for one of our satelite groups in California and cliffs for the Monastery at the south of the Isle, the Monastery being traditionally to the south of the merchants. This map was drawn from the imagination, before we found our current island. Compare this to the actual island we found to suit our needs, Caldey Island

Map Isle of Standauffish
This map was created to show our political position in relation to the three other re-creation clubs in our area. At the time of creation the SCA Kingdoms of Atenwald and Caid were at war, so we drew them to either side as continents. The ECS and the Adrian Empire were added approximating their geographical relation to us, having join territory here in Las Vegas. This map, when taken upside down, and the Island moving a little closer to land and a litte further out, fits the coast of Wales and Carmarthen Bay quite closely as can be seen on the next map. All this is just part of the many coincidences that we came upon while creating our current living History. {Click on the map for details.}

These show the similarity of the coastlines

The Isle of Standauffish {Caldey Island} in relation to Tenby, Wales

This is the Isle of Standauffish, showing the Ports and Villages of the various member states. The Island, known as Ynys Pyr by the Welsh {pronounced annas peer} which means Pyro's Island is today known as Caldey Island. The actual History of the island ties in most well with our re-created history and is very interesting in its own right. It lies just off the coast near Tenby and Pembroke in Carmarthen Bay.

For the History of the Isle, our Deed and Title, or the real History of Caldey Island follow these links.

Historical Maps of Significance 
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Baron Sir Zorgon of Shalott

Baroness Acadia of Ballater

Squire Connor McLachlan

Squire Connor MacLachlan
Captain Duncan MacPherson
Sir Camillo di Lombardi
Omar Kharim Ali Allah Akbar
Eric of Stavanger
Bjarki the Black
Sir Bradley of Armagh




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